Laughing gas (L.G.) -Nitrous Oxide

If you are here it means you are probably one amongst many who experience dental phobia and dental anxiety. 

With the use of laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) you can overcome this fear . It is 100% safe, with a 95% success rate.

With its anaesthetic and pain reducing effects it is the most common used means to reduce anxiety in dental treatments worldwide. 

What is laughing gas and why is it being called like this?  

Laughing gas  is a chemical compound, an oxide of nitrogen N2O. It is a colourless, non-flammable gas, with a slight metallic scent and taste. It is called as well “laughing gas” (L.G) due to the euphoric effects upon inhaling it,

How does the Laughing gas works?When nitrous oxide is inhaled, the gas enters the blood stream through the lungs and travels to the brain, where it triggers the release of the body’s natural opioids, endorphins and dopamine, resulting in a euphoric and numbing effect.


Is Laughing gas a substitute for anesthesia? 

No. The L.G. reduces the pain threshold but not enough to have a dental treatment . But it helps to reduce the pain of the injection.


Is it the same laughing gas people use at parties and is it safe to use it?

 Yes it is the same but the difference is the concentration of L.G in comparison to oxygen. In a party L.G people put 100% while in dental treatments the patient receives a concentration no higher then 75% and the rest is oxygen. The danger of recreational use of L.G is when the brain might not receive oxygen due to users holding their breath to get the maximum effect. During inhalation of L.G. in a dental practice one will always get between 50-75 % oxygen together with the L.G and therefore it is 100% safe.

Do I need to come with an escort or can I come alone ?  

You can come alone. By the end of the treatment the full effect of the L.G will be dispersed 

Can I go back to work and return to my normal activities?Yes. At the end of the treatment the dentist will give you 100% 

Oxygen to “flush out” the remaining L.G. 

Are there side effects to Laughing gas? No long term side effect at all. Sometime in very rare case a nausea or headache can occur around the time of the treatment. 

From which age is Laughing gas is suitable?  

L.G  can be used safely from a very young age, as soon as the child can understand simple commands; 2-3 years old. depending on the child.  

Is it suitable for everyone? 

It is, depending on your personal choice. 

It can be suitable also for people with mental or cognitive disorders if they understand and are able to comply simple directions. 

Circumstances where laughing gas might not be suitable?

Since one must inhale the L.G people with respiratory disorders can not use it.

And it is also not recomended to use during pregnancy or breast feeding. 

How much it costs and  will my insurance cover it ? 

The use of L.G is covered by the insurance as long as the treatment does not go above the coverage limit. 

For children under 18-it May very so we will check with your insurance in advance. The price for the 1st tratment is 94,96  and any following treatment is 65,81 euro. 

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