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Professionals with a heart

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Professionals with a heart

With almost 10 years in the making, our story begins with a dream to open a small dental practice with a cozy atmosphere where clients could get empathic, personal and loving dental-treatments.  Dr. Orna Zukerman who established the first practice, is till this day serving patients in our clinics. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Zukerman is leading the Tand-Hart team to provide all of our patients with the same values she dreamed of when she opened her first practice.


Our experts

Tundzhay Muharemo TandHart dentist

Dr. Tundzhay Muharemov



Dr. Orna Zukerman

Medical director

Dr. Liora Shani



Three cozy dental practices in Amsterdam

Dental clinic Amsterdam Oost

Dental clinic Amsterdam Noord

Dental clinic Amsterdam Oosterpark


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