We remain open!

Despite the challenging circumstances of the Corona virus crisis, we at Tand-Hart Amsterdam are doing everything possible to continue to provide dental services in case of emergency to our patients and to anyone who needs them, also for patientens from other dental practices or patients who does not have a dentist.

At the same time, we are doing everything necessary to protect our patients and our team from the virus.

What additional measures do we take?

  • We always adhere to the hygiene guidelines of RIVM.
  • We regularly disinfect public spaces.
  • We plan more time between treatments to avoid crowding in the waiting room.
  • We request that you come to the appointment alone or with a maximum of one accompanying person
  • We do not shake hands upon entering.

Who can we unfortunately not treat?

  • Someone who has been tested positive for the Corona virus.
  • Someone who has been staying for the past 2 weeks in a Corona virus risk area.
  • Someone who has flu-like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, fever, etc.)

In this case we request that you postpone your appointment to a later date.

We hope for your understanding.

For more information, visit the RIVM website ( and the KNMT website